August 14, 2014
A message to the Poole electorate

There are two major things that stifle democratic decision making at local authority level, not only in Poole Council but in councils throughout the country. The first is the ludicrous cabinet system that was introduced by Blair back in 2000 and the second is party politics. When the council make a decision it is not just for any particular party membership, it is for the whole community, regardless of their political persuasion. So isn’t it obvious that party politics at local level will always create conflicts which lead to bad decisions being made.

In 2011 the government introduced the Localism Act, this gave people a much greater opportunity to influence decision making within their own constituencies but unfortunately not that many people around fully realise just how powerful that act can be. This is partly because most people have enough to deal with in their daily lives to even have time to look at politics and put their trust in those they elect to do the right thing by them. Unfortunately that is rarely the case today. 

If people knew the true power they have I am sure that things would be a whole lot better for us all. My aim is to ensure as many people do know and that can only be achieved through good communication, the downside is I have less than nine months to do it. In 2015, on May the 7th, the polling booths will open for both the Local and National elections and this is when people hold the most power, the decision they make on the ballot papers will affect us all for the next five years nationally, I really cannot stress enough the importance of making your vote count.

Personally, I will be voting UKIP on the national vote, even though I have thrown the towel in with the party, for me it is still the only party offering political change. Voting Lab/Con/Lib will be simply voting for more of the same and I really don’t want more of the same, so I’m voting for change. UKIP cannot win, simply because of the first past the post system that we have to endure, which was put in place simply to ensure that we always have a two party system of politics in Britain. It will be a very long time before that ever changes. 

Locally though, I will be standing as an Independent, I want to see the end of party politics at local level and I sincerely hope that others will do the same. At the moment here in Poole we have 16 wards with 42 councillors, the composition of Poole council is made up of 19 Conservative, 18 LibDem, 4 Poole People and 1 UKIP. Not one single independent councillor and yet if you really think about it, who would you rather have representing your best interests, an independent whose sole role is to represent those who elect him/her or a party politician whose judgement will always be split between the party and the people they represent? I know which I would rather have.

The hard part of all this of course is how best to achieve my aims and I would be a fool to think that this could ever be possible without the help of others. I certainly will not be asking people to walk the streets pushing unwanted leaflets through people’s letter boxes, that to me is one of the most annoying things at election times, only outdone by those annoying phone calls asking me who I intend to vote for, so I won’t be doing that either. The most important help I could get is peoples input, I need people with ideas that really want to improve the community we live in and of course I will also need other people to stand as independent councillors to help remove party politics from council, that is one task I definitely cannot do by myself. The sharing of ideas and information is easy and I have already created ‘My Better Community’ the website can be seen at There is also a Facebook page and Twitter account for people who use them, accessable throught he website.

I do honestly believe that communication is the key to success, especially in politics and the problem we have today is the total lack of communication at both local and national levels. I am trying to change that and I hope that many others will get on board with me in that endeavour. Let’s make a difference…. In our own community.

Best Regards

Marty Caine

July 15, 2014
Poole Park Boatshed Decking Fiasco


One of the many attractions in Poole is the beautiful Poole Park and situated by the lake is a small restaurant/bar and an outside snackbar area known as the Sevens BoatShed. The park attracts many visitors throughout the year who go down to feed the ducks and enjoy the parks facilities. The snack bar area used to have wooden tables with umbrellas where people could sit and enjoy a coffee but the seating area was lowland and always prone to getting muddy patches and coupled with the wildlife droppings it was never very easily accessible for wheelchair users and other people with disabilities.


So the leaseholder, a Mr Eddie Mitchell decided to improve things by replacing the existing wooden tables as seen above, with professionally installed decking and this was a massive improvement done at his own expense. Costing around £8,000. This made it far more easily accessible for people especially disabled as it had an easy access ramp and also made it a lot easier for the staff to keep clean. It was without doubt a vast improvement.


The council where none too happy with what Mr Mitchell had provided because he had not obtained planning permission from them to do this and instead of letting him apply for it, they insisted that he first pulled it down. This decision by Poole Council was done with a total disregard to the actual benefit the decking made not only for the BoatShed but also the many people who enjoyed it. No matter what common sense objections were put to them, they still insisted on its removal. Much to the disapproval of all who had enjoyed the use of the decking. They turned the above photo into this mud pit….


I recently revisited the park to see what it looks like today and it now has the wooden tables back and the grass has regrown, the ducks are happily doing their business all over the place.


For me this was hardly a decision that was made by our Poole councillors, that was in the best interest of those they are elected to serve, it was done quite simply because they knew they could do it. If he had knowling broken the planning regulations I am sure that any delayed planning application could have been accepted as it was without doubt an improvement that was of benefit for everyone. It was nothing more than bully boy tactics of our councillors at the detriment of many people and as far as I am concerned they should be ashamed of this!

March 30, 2014
Vote UKIP get change for the better not Labour!


One of the biggest misconceptions I keep hearing across all the media platforms, from all the parties is this one… "Vote UKIP Get Labour" 

It’s quite amazing it seems to be the one common agreement Labour, Conservatives and Lib Dems have at that moment and for me it clearly shows just how closely knit these three political parties are today.

The real truth of the matter is, in the 2010 General Election neither Labour nor Conservative managed to gain a majority and that was when there were only three parties in the running. So think about it logically for a moment, what real chance do either of them have now that UKIP is there to make it four in the running and both Labour and Conservatives have lost a lot of support. Another coalition is the most probable outcome of the 2015 General Election, Lab/Con/Lib all know this already, so why this repetitive lie that voting UKIP will let Labour in ?

Are they saying this because they are worried that UKIP might gain a majority? Of course not, it is blatantly obvious to anyone with any knowledge of politics that UKIP cannot possibly win in 2015, not with the First Past The Post system we have here in Britain. What it is really about is the political elite of this country have seen what UKIP do in the EU Parliament, they find out everything they can and tell the people the truth about what is going on. This just happens to be the one thing they definitely do not want UKIP doing in the House of Commons and will do everything they can to ensure that doesn’t happen. As we are currently witnessing by the smear campaigns against UKIP on a daily basis, right across the nation. Even Hope Not Hate, who happens to be a government and union funded group, have produced leaflets to try and convince the voting public not to vote for UKIP. 


I can almost sense some of you reading this and thinking, well if UKIP can’t win why bother voting for them. Well what you are actually voting for when you tick the UKIP box on the ballot paper is 'CHANGE'. UKIP have created the mallet to break mould but it will always be down to the people to pick it up and swing it with such force to smash that Westminster Bubble once and for all. That bubble is the real problem with politics today and it is that which the political elite sit inside totally disconnected from the voting public. Bursting it will force politicians to listen and work for those who elect them into power, the way it really should be. Isn’t that something worth voting for?  

If you seriously want change for the better in British politics then vote for the only party that is offering it, Lab/Con/Lib are all quite happy with the way things are.

Now if that doesn’t convince you that you have the power to make a difference. Just spend seven minutes of your life listening to this man, Pat Condell.

March 10, 2014
My Rant about Social Media Political Trolls

To be able to combat the Troll you first have to realise exactly what their purpose really is, there are many different kinds of trolls on the internet but by far the worse seem to be those involved in Politics. Some have even got trolling down to a fine art and as annoying as it may be, are actually good at what they do.

So what is it they actually do? Their sole purpose is to disrupt positive political campaigning in anyway they can, they have no desire to know your opinion on anything, they do not want to debate with you, they simply want you to argue with them and amongst yourselves. Most of the time the ones who are good at it do certainly succeed in their endeavours. Some of the Trolls are quite easy to spot by their anonymous names like SLATUKIP​ or  SLATFASCIST on Twitter and they will provoke you in many ways, name calling etc their aim is to fool you into making comments that they can screenshot and then use as a tool to disrupt others or smear the party. Then you have the more devious Trolls, these will use a normal name and initially do their best to befriend you and your friends, they will pretend to be UKIP activists on the same side as you but their aim is exactly the same, they want to distract you from the important positive promotion of UKIP. These kind of trolls are far more dangerous because they will turn members against members, they will convince normal members that they are the victim and you are the real Troll and I have to say it amazes me just how many actually fall for this trap.

One such Troll is Maggie Chapman, she has been going for quite sometime now and has actually been kicked out of the party twice, she still pretends she is an active member of UKIP but this is an out and out lie. I do have to admit though, Maggie is actually very good at what she does and fools quite a lot of people, sometimes even creating fake Troll accounts that attack those that she wants to convince, to help increase her own credibility with those she is fooling. Her usual ploy is to start arguments about trolls and then get everyone wound up to thinking they must become some kind of UKIP Troll Police for the sake of the party, what she actually achieves in doing this though, is successfully stops activists from positively promoting UKIP and makes UKIP look rather foolish in the process. 

Now I am sure some of Maggie most loyal fooled supporters will be up in arms and start shouting about how she is the saint and I am the devil but before anyone does decide to do that directly at me, ask yourselves what actual positive promotion have you ever seen her involved in since she was expelled from the party, have you ever met anyone who has been out canvassing with her in the past 12 months. I know I haven’t. Who has ever seen her do anything other than shout about Trolls and manipulate those around her this year? 

I could write a list of people no longer active in the party because they foolishly became too involved with Maggie but I don’t think there is any real need. If you simply step outside the box and think about it properly, you will see that she is definitely not all she makes herself out to be.

My advice to everyone in regards to all the Trolls out there and there are plenty of them, block and ignore them, do not let them distract you from the real job at hand, getting UKIP MPs elected because that is what will create the real change we so desperately need in British politics.

Let the Trolls rant and rave as much as they like, the more you ignore them the more they will rant but at least you will be promoting a positive image for UKIP, if you do not feed them they will leave you alone. If you endeavour to try and take them on, you will lose, they are far more experienced at trolling than you are and you will only be doing exactly what they want by biting on the bait. 

UKIP is the common sense party, it’s about time some of its members started using some, people want to hear the positives and they will be turned off by watching UKIP members arguing with Trolls or even worse with each other, so try to stay well clear of them’ show that you are better and we will win the day.

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March 2, 2014
Why I think you should Vote UKIP

After reading an article written by Peter Kellner of YouGov, spouting the usual vote UKIP get Labour nonsense.

My response to the article was…

An analysis on UKIP by Peter Kellner, which basically says if you vote UKIP you get Labour. Now considering Peter pleaded with Labour at Fabian not to give the people of Britain a referendum, though I doubt this has anything to do with the fact that his wife just happens to be Baroness Ashton of the EU but as he is pro Labour you would have thought if it was true that if you vote UKIP you get Labour he would want everyone voting UKIP instead of Tory. Well it is simply not the case, in 2010 neither the Tory nor Labour party could gain a majority with only three in the running, it is going to be a lot harder for them to gain one now there are four. The chances are it will be another coalition in 2015 and the best thing that can happen for this Country is for half of that coalition to be UKIP.

Its awaiting moderation so may or may not get posted

So why do I believe that the best thing that could happen for Britain is for UKIP to be one half of the next coalition, well first of all let me be totally honest,  it is certainly not because UKIP has a magic wand that will make everything alright, unfortunately no matter who is in power it will take nothing short of a miracle to get the biggest problem in Britain sorted and that is our ever increasing national debt, which is now at a staggering £1.2 Trillion. Unlike the other three Lab/Con/Lib, UKIP fully understand this problem needs to be addressed not ignored. Interest rates are at an all time low and have been stuck there for quite some time, they will remain stuck until we can reduce that debt because just a 1 or 2 percent increase would undoubtedly bankrupt the company. Yet Lab/Con/Lib are more than happy to keep on throwing billions away.  According to Tim Congdon’s analysis, the EU costs Britain £150 billion a year, doesn’t make this so called free market very free does it.

Then we have the Foreign Aid bill of £12 billion a year, as Nigel Farage pointed out at the UKIP spring conference in Torquay, we are giving Foreign Aid to countries like India who actually have Aircraft carriers with planes on them, seems a little illogical to me when you think we are laying off our armed forces because we can’t afford to keep them. Utter madness really when you think about it.

This shows what I believe is one of the biggest reasons why people should vote UKIP, not because they know the answers but because they will certainly tell you the problems, just like UKIP in the EU parliament, if there had been no UKIP, Lab/Con/Lib would certainly not have told anyone in Britain what was going on or the real costs involved in being part of that corporate dictatorship. I have no doubt whatsoever if UKIP had not had elected MEPs Britain would have been sold down the river without anyone knowing a single thing about it. Those we have previously elected to serve our best interests certainly don’t believe the British public need to be told anything, UKIP however believe as it is your hard earned money being used you should be told what is being done and have every right to object to madness of wastage that is driving this country down the road of economic ruin.

By voting UKIP you are voting for accountability in politics and as you can see by the continuous barrage of Farage, the last thing the political elite of this country want is to be made accountable for anything.

To find out more about UKIP visit

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February 9, 2014
Poole Transit site takes on a whole new vision

I have been watching the dilemma going on in Poole with regard to the Temporary Stopping Site which will apparently give our local police greater powers to evict those who feel they can set up camp just anywhere with a total disregard for those who do actually pay for places like Branksome Rec. But regardless of the rights and wrongs of that, something happened today that I do find somewhat confusing. 

Whilst debating with both those in favour and those against the proposed plan that was passed by Borough of Poole councillors on the 27th January, a concerned resident of Poole stated that building materials had turned up on one of the proposed sites, before the plans had actually been passed. I queried this with Cllr Mike Brookes, who informed that the materials were in fact on the Park & Ride site and were nothing to do with the proposed traveler site. They were for work to the A350, so I went down to take a look for myself. Weather was horrendous but I did see some materials there  which were just concrete blocks.

Picture is not too good as it was getting dark and pouring down with rain at the time, I then drove round to Safety Drive to look at the proposed site to see if any work had started on there and was quite surprised to see a plot of land that had not been touched at all, my surprise was because I had looked at the site on Google maps and what I was looking at was certainly not the same.

It certainly looked like a bit of heath land that had not had any work done to it in quite some time, yet if you look on Google maps you will see this.

Notice the ‘To Let’ sign there. Now I am not sure how far behind the times the google maps image is but obviously for that land to be let it must have had surveys done before. 

There is something definitely not quite right in everything that has been going on in respect of Poole Council and the Transit Site plans as there seems to be conflicting stories about has happened and what is going to happen with this land.

On the 7th of Feb Borough of Poole released a statement on their Facebook page in regards to questions about the materials that had been spotted arriving;

Creekmoor residents might have noticed some building materials being delivered to the Park and Ride site recently. We would like to confirm that these are in no way related to the planning application that has been submitted for a temporary stopping place at Marshes End. The materials will be there on a temporary basis and are part of the ongoing Three Towns Travel project. No work has started at the Marshes End site and no work will start while the planning process is ongoing. We will be carrying out clearance work in preparation for site surveys as part of the planning application but nothing else. We hope this helps clarify things. Thanks

Surely all site surveys should have been completed before the plan was approved by Poole Councillors on the 27th January.

I am sure there will be lots to add to this blog as the saga continues.

February 3, 2014

Saw this and thought it was too good not to share….


We live in a country called Daft Land
The Britain we knew is no more
Where sensible people do ludicrous things
Or risk breaking some Daft Land law.

In Daft Land we’ve police dogs with muzzles
Lest the villain has cause to complain
And to steal from a shop and say ‘sorry’
Means your free with no stain to your name.

You had better leave lights on in buildings
When you lock up and go home at night
'Cause the burglars might hurt themselves entering
And there’s no way you’ll be in the right.

When speaking be wary in Daft Land
As some terms that you’ve used all your life
Now have connotations unintended
And you’ll end up in all sorts of strife.

We elect polititions in Daft Land
To give us the laws of the land
Yet eight laws in ten now come from abroad
The whole thing has got out of hand.

The borders are open in Daft Land
And of migrants there’s no keeping track
Just a few of the thousands illegally here
Will ever be caught and sent back.

The exception to this is the Gurkha hero
Who fought for this land in the war
He’s old and he’s sick, he might cost us a bit
So he’s not welcome here anymore.

When the history is written of Daft Land
Historians may just recall
That the craziest people in Daft Land
Were the public who put up with it all.

By Pony Moore,

January 20, 2014
The Sadness of watching Sheeples in action

On Jan 18th A UKIP Councillor David Silvester hit the headlines because he had stated that the floods and adverse weather conditions were happening because of David Cameron & his Same Sex Marriage Bill. The outrage police were only too quick to jump on this with cries of homophobia and some where even shouting racism, though that is probably due to the fact that is all they do ever shout anyway. Within hours it had been turned into cries of UKIP blame gays for floods, how that came about is anyone’s guess but it was going rampant all across the social media sites, I have to say it was without doubt the biggest idiot magnet I have seen for a long time.

Twitter was going wild with everyone tweeting what a bigot this UKIP councillor was, I did actually find that a little strange as a bigot is someone who disagrees with someone else’s beliefs and believes theirs are superior, so realistically we had a lot of bigots calling someone a bigot. Not really sure where the homophobia comes into play considering he was blaming David Cameron and I am pretty sure he is straight, but hey oh.

The real sadness for me was watching the Twitter account @Ukipweather grow at a truly outstanding rate, with just a handful of semi humorous tweets this account gained over 60,000 followers in just 24 hours and all because someone twisted a situation into something else and every followed it like sheep.

Now don’t get me wrong I am not condoning what David Silvester had said, personally I think he is entitled to his own religious views but he should not air them to the public as a UKIP councillor, originally the party impressed me by standing by him, unfortunately though, whether it be through stupidity or even deliberate he made another interview stating that he would pray for gays to be cured. Now that is where he stepped over the mark and was quite rightly suspended from the party. Yes UKIP do get rid of those who they believe will not work in the best interest of the party and for Britain.

It does kind of make me wonder though, what kind of councillor those 60,000 plus sheeples would rather have, obviously from the responses on Twitter etc they would not consider a man who actually believes he will be punished for his sins, so maybe they prefer a Labour councillor who fathers children with aliens, I notice very little has been said about that particular crackpot. Maybe a Tory councillor like John Morgan who squandered 92-year-old widow friend’s £154,000 life savings, though he is now jailed for five years, no vicious attacks on the Tory party for that one either. How about a nice LibDem like Lord Rannard a real pillar of society. The truth of the matter is, every party has its fair share of somewhat strange members, I guess it is all par the course but for some reason every other party apart from UKIP seemed to be allowed to have them without any kind of animosity shown towards them. Nothing that David Silvester said altered what UKIP are really trying do for this country and yet the problems of mass immigration, high energy prices, losing our right to self government, A&E closures, overcrowded schools and everything else that is going wrong, all suddenly got dismissed because of one individuals rather strange ideas. Godfrey Bloom got hung out to dry over his whimsical comment about Bongo, Bongo land and yet when Nicholas Pegg says it in his somewhat amusing ‘UKIP Shipping Forecast’

everyone starts yelling how highly amusing it is, so it is only racist if UKIP members say it, is it?

Listen to that podcast again and imagine if it was a UKIP member saying all that, the outrage police would be running riot.

People really need to stop acting like sheeples and take a good look around at what is happening in this country today because it will be our future generations that will have to pay the price for the ignorance of today.

September 22, 2013
Godfrey Bloom’s innocent Sluts joke

Godfrey Bloom was speaking at a fringe meeting for the “Women in UKIP” group during this speech he was having a bit of banter with the audience about certain press releases that have been made against him of late and as we all know there have been plenty, a member of the audience said something that made everyone laugh and Godfrey turned to his wife and said “Don’t listen to them dear” another woman then admitted she never cleans behind the fridge to which he joking replied “This place is full of sluts” and the place roared with laughter. You can hear it in the news report. 

As he walked outside from the meeting he was confronted by the press one of them going on about him calling women sluts, you can see Godfrey reaction of confusion to the questioning as he is old school and as far as he is concerned slut means someone who is dirty, untidy, or slovenly and has his response to the audience was clearly in regards to cleaning behind the fridge he was quite rightly shocked at the questioning. Then Michael Crick decided to pounce on him with his racist remarks and Godfrey turned it around on him and called him the racist, anyone who thinks Crick is not a racist just take a look at his recent tweet in regards to the UKIP spokesman at the conference. 

Obviously UKIP have the political elite running scared and will resort to any tactics they can to try and discredit the party, fortunately because they are so out of touch with the British public they fail to realise that the majority will see through these pathetic smear campaigns and vote accordingly at the ballot box.

If you want to see some serious political change in Britain for the better vote #UKIP at every opportunity, the more votes they get the greater that change will be.

September 21, 2013
A Blackpool Cab drivers story

The longest-established taxi firm in Blackpool is called Streamline. They’ve been around forever, almost as long as the internal-combustion engine and since long before the days of radios. Streamline used to have call-boxes at various locations. The phone would ring, the driver of the first taxi on the rank would take the call and go to wherever his services were required. 

Time went on and the major political parties began holding their annual conferences in Blackpool. With the politicians came the media. Television people famously like to have a drink or two, so they tend to use taxis. Independent Television News (ITN) entered into a contract with Streamline Taxis, whereby their personnel would be driven to the places they needed to be and would sign a docket for the fare. The account would be settled at the end of the conference.

One day, one of Streamline’s taxi-drivers received a call to pick up Julie Hall, who was then ITN’s chief political correspondent, from the Winter Gardens and take her to Liverpool. Julie got into the front of the taxi, a Nissan Bluebird. She was accompanied by two Labour MPs (We’ll call them Knowsley North and Knowsley South, for argument’s sake) who climbed into the back.

On the day in question, Ron Todd, the head of the Transport and General Workers Union had made a speech to conference, saying that he didn’t agree with the Labour party leadership’s stance on unilateral disarmament. Obviously the party had to do some damage limitation and pretty-damned-quick.

On the way to Liverpool, Julie lent her mobile phone (a rarity, in those days) to one of the MPs and he phoned somebody and arranged for the camera crew, which was following the taxi to ‘doorstep’ the person he was talking to. The person in question, a lady, was to act as a local resident and was told what to say.

The driver was then instructed to drive to Halewood Labour club. Halewood was the nearest place to Blackpool that had a large concentration of TGWU members, as the Ford plant used to be there.

Julie Hall worked the room, bought drinks for the people she needed to. She actually tried to pay with a credit card. In a working-men’s club, in the eighties. The taxi-driver had to lend her £50 to save her embarrassment.

Then, Julie carried out a “vox pop” (in no sense of the expression that you would recognise, since the “pop” had been hand-picked and the “vox” was pure Labour party)

Julie got a load of TGWU members (plus the lady that had earlier been ‘door-stepped’ as a local resident) to disagree with Todd and imply that he was a lone voice in the wilderness and when it didn’t suit the Labour leadership, the block vote meant nothing.

At the end of the filming, they had one of those (then) new-fangled signs which were used to advertise bingo and so forth, in flashing lights. It had ‘You’re All Wrong, Ron’, programmed into it and all of Julie’s fed-and-watered, ‘union members’ raised their glasses and cheered.

This item, which, make no mistake, was a Party Political Broadcast, went out on News at Ten, the same night. Yep. News at Ten. The flagship of ITN (the ‘I’ stands for ‘Independent’, don’t forget.)

The taxi-driver got to appear on the program and managed to get a shot of his taxi, bearing Streamline’s phone number, on there.

You may wonder what would make a highly respected political reporter like Julie Hall sell out the good name of ITN. What was her price? That all became clear at the start of the ’92 election campaign, when Neil Kinnock introduced to the world his new press secretary, the lovely Miss Julie Hall.

As things turned out, Julie backed the wrong horse because Kinnock managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, but if he had won, as everyone assumed he would, she would have been as rich as Alistair Campbell is now.

At the time, this story was brought to the attention of all of the mainstream media, every newspaper, the BBC, even the fearless ‘Private Eye’. Their silence was deafening. None of them would touch it with a barge-pole. It seems clear that our current crop of politicians and the media are all the same breed. They won’t grass one of their own, in case they’re next.

To paraphrase Hank Williams: “Friends, this story is true. Because that taxi-driver was me.” 

I won’t patronise you, the way Julie and the MPs patronised me. Google is your friend. Check it all out. If any part of my story doesn’t hold up, then go back to voting the way you always have.

Clearly the political/media elite, this greasy collusion between our elected leaders and the opinion-formers is not a new thing.

We, as a matter of urgency, need to make it a thing of the past.


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